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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from high school in the San Francisco public schools, students must meet the entrance requirements for public universities in California (the UC and CSU systems). They must also pass certain additional required courses, accumulate at least 230 credits (one semester course equals 5 credits), and pass the California High School Exit Exam. At JJSE, students must also complete the Portfolio and Graduation Committee process.
The course requirements for high school graduation and university entrance are as follows:

Courses Years Semesters Credits
a. History/Social Science 3 6 30
b. College Prep English 4 8 40
c. Math (4 years recommended) 3 6 30
d. Lab Science (3 years recommended) 2 4 20
e. World Languages (3 years recommended) 2 4 20
f. Arts 1 2 10
g. College Prep Electives 1 2 10
Other Electives 4 8 40
Physical Education 2 4 20
Health Education 0.5 1 5
College & Career 0.5 1 5
Total Credits     230

Note: These requirements begin with the class of 2014. Earlier classes still need 230 credits to graduate, but the minimum for some subject areas (e.g., math & science) is less.