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7th Period Elective Menu 2014


7th Period Elective Menu Fall 2014

Please read through the choices and choose your top 3

You will not be given any of your choices if you choose the same class 3X. I’m serious.

Film as Lit


Students enrolled in this course study film both as an art form and as a form of communication. They are taught to "read" a film, analyzing its narrative structure, genre conventions, subtext, and purpose. We will watch  many different kinds of film, new and old, American and foreign and “read” them as texts. These films are for educational purposes, but they are intense and funny as well.

The Art of movement begins with this class. Learn the basic of Tumbling and gymnastics starting with fundamental positions and skills that include rolling, handstands, twists, and flips. You will have the opportunity to develop strength, speed, and endurance with the basic techniques of resistance and body weight training. All levels are welcome in this class all you need to do is to try your best and have fun.

Peer Partnerships


Join our Exceptional Ed class as they prepare for life after high school.  We will cover topics and activities ranging from career exploration, independent living skills, ability awareness, community access and self determination.  Also, support students in cooking and preparing foods to sell at the Tuesday Snack Stop!  Limited to 8 students

Do you like to take stuff apart and figure out how it works? Want to make cool things?  From knitting needles to power tools, we’ll be using cool tools to create amazing objects. We’ll be tackling Arduino, soldering, and programming to create some amazing projects.


Green Academy

This is the class for you if you love to read and are curious about how libraries work.  In this class you will become familiar with our library collection by reading novels, biographies, history books and more.  You will also be responsible for writing book reports and making posters about what you’ve read so that you can make recommendations to your peers.

Come learn how to grow wonderful food in the garden, and how to prepare and cook that food. Each week we will explore ways of gardening that produce the most healthy foods to eat! We will read about our current food system and how having access to good food is a social justice issue. Be ready to get your hands dirty working in the garden and to prepare and eat delicious food!

Digital Media Production

Poster Making

Wanna know how to create your own form of independent digital media? Wanna learn what it takes to start a career in video production industry? If your curious about the world to mass media then this class is for you! In this course you will use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 professional editor, learn how to see what beyond the TV screen, and develop skills to produce your own conscious ideas!

This poster making elective will teach a variety of print-making (ie. screen printing) and drawing techniques to create thought provoking posters for the June Jordan and Excelsior Community. We will work individually and collectively with in-class critiques to push our imagery further and learn about the role of Posters in history as well.  Join this elective to freshen up our hallways and our neighborhood!



We argue.  We talk fast. We win trophies.  We compete against other schools. Soon, you’ll win scholarships, get recruited to college and get a summer job at a law firm all because you joined debate.  Quiet and Loud students encouraged to join.

The RICH team will be a group of student interns who work with Chris to get trained and help supervise the hallways and common spaces during 7th, and at other times too

Yoga and Wellness

S.P.I.T. - Speaking Poetry Into Truth

Yoga improves overall physical and emotional health.  This course explores the various aspects of yoga, including postures, breathing, meditation, and integration of yoga  principles into daily life.  Yoga builds physical strength, tone muscles, aids in weight loss, and improves flexibility, balance, circulation, digestion, and concentration.  Yogic practices can relieve symptoms of depression, stress and can produce a feeling of calmness and peacefulness in the mind.  Learning yoga postures also offers you the opportunity to teach your classmates and your family members and maybe, you too can become a yoga instructor in the future. In addition to hatha yoga, the course examines various health issues and life skills that relate to yoga and can improve overall health, happiness, and well-being.

Learn to wield words like sharp swords. Through the written and spoken word, we will journey together to tell our stories on our own terms and to make our voices heard. We're going to break it down to the basics, and build it back up to magnificence. Whether your native tongue is Spanish, Tagolog, Russian, Hip Hop, Punk or Pop, this is the place to be if you want to get FREE!

Mind Body & Soul Basketball


All skill levels welcome.  Learn a new sport or perfect your game!  Please dress to get sweaty and bring a good attitude. Girls welcome and encouraged!