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Spring 2014 Intersession choices: May 12 – May 29th 2014


Get Fit for Summer Life!!! – Ms. Davenport, Mr. Hung, Ms. Kenny [NEEDS UPDATING]

The Atkins Diet.  The South Beach Diet. The Cabbage Diet.  The Beyonce Cayenne Pepper Diet. The Low Carb Diet.  The No Carb Diet.  Are you tired of fad diets and want to find a healthy way to get in shape, not only for the summer, but for your life?  Join this intersession to learn how to live a healthier life.  We’ll learn how to make healthy eating choices whether we’re eating out, or eating in.  We’ll also hit the gym to get in shape with a variety of strength training and cardiovascular activities. Finally, we’ll critically examine how the media distorts our idea of body images, and furthermore, how we can overcome the pressures to want to look like a supermodel.  We will learn what healthy and normal bodies should look like and how we can love our bodies just as they are. Join the exceptional ed students as we embark on our new healthy lifestyle! There is a $30 suggested donation for this intercession to cover a month long gym membership to the YMCA.

City Adventures & Artful Creations – Ms. Grajeda, Mr. Amos

Explore! Discover! Design! Create! Get inspired by public art, public parks, open spaces, city walls, and colorful alleyways. We will spend our time checking out some of the most beautiful places our city has to offer. From the Diego Rivera mural at CCSF to the mosaic staircase on 16th and Moraga. We’ll go into the heart of the Mission and then into green rolling hills of Golden Gate Park. We’ll visit museums, take long walks, and learn to appreciate how beautiful this city is and how creative people are within it. The main goal for this intersession is to take inspiration from everywhere we go and to come back to June Jordan and design our very own murals!! We will use photography to capture memories, draw/sketch to collect inspiration, observe the diverse neighborhoods, admire the artists who've come before us, gather ideas from public art displays big and small, and collectively design murals for our very own JJSE walls. What more could you ask for??!?!?!?

               - Ms. Atria & Mr. Green

What does it mean to be a warrior? How do you find balance in the hectic world that we live in? Join Mr. Green and Ms. Atria on a journey that combines basics in self-defense, movement, and mindfulness. Get in touch with nature and hike through beautiful places in your city and its surrounding areas. Learn to fall and roll, block a punch, and avoid injury. Tone your core and move to the rhythm of music with a hula hoop, tune out the world and get into your own zone. We'll learn about healthy eating, exercising, and living. Expect to sweat and move!

Everyday Dance Adventures – Ms. Proctor & Ms. Jones-Bey


Ms. Proctor and Ms. Brew are teaming up to create an intersession that takes the best parts of the Intersession formerly known as Dance Camp and Everyday Adventures.  During these three weeks we are going to spend time learning dances from around the world by professional choreographers.  We are also going to hike around the city, go see a show, play dodge-ball on a trampoline, attend Carnival, and kayak the bay. There is absolutely no experience necessary and we encourage beginners to join us for this three-week adventure that will definitely make you move, sweat, and smile.

Outside is the BEST Side!– Ms. Clements & Mr. Sorro

Fresh air..fresh food..and overall health!  Join us if you are interested in fishing, getting dirty, sweating, and reading and learning how to be your healthiest self.  You will be expected to do daily readings, meditations, long hikes, camping trips, and participate in various sporting activities. We will have a 1 night overnight camping trip and we will be asking for a small donation to offset the cost.  If you love being outdoors and feeling planet earth in every way...Join us!

Coastal Creep – Ms. Rivas & Mr. Kasmai


This intersession combines the spirit of our famous hiking intersession from three years ago with Mr. Botha's zest for swimming and love of the beach. If you crave exercise, hiking, and beautiful coastal views and sunsets, then this is the intersession for you. Our main focus is the coastal wetlands of northern California. We will learn about its wildlife and ecology and see how our actions affect its delicate balance.  The overnight trip will be an adventurous white water rafting trip down the Stanislaus River. Be prepared for plenty of water and excitement.  Also, we will maintain healthy diets. Plan to eat lots of nuts and get off of the soda wagon. Most trips will be day long, with one overnight trip toward the end of our intersession.

Backpacking – Ms. Lancaster, Ms. Huang

Join us on a multi-day, 20+-mile backpacking trip to a remote lake in beautiful Henry Coe State Park. Escape from the city, relax in nature and learn how to pitch a tent, make a campfire, and go stargazing. Mountain lakes, wildflowers and night stars will all be part of what we'll see in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Our hike will be around 25 miles, covered in 4 days. Learn how to survive in the outdoors and have a great time doing it. Be prepared for anything and be ready for an amazing adventure. The toughest and best intersession ever!

Earth, Wind and Water  – Ms. DiGiulio & Ms. Delgado

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.”—Alan Watts. Ever wanted to spend the night on a secluded island in the middle of the bay? Or challenge yourself to guide a kayak through the ocean? Gain the skills you need to sail, boat, swim, and survive a typhoon (which is inevitable because of climate change).

In this intersession we will be swimming, camping, kayaking, hiking, sailing, and biking as we focus on the nature all around us in San Francisco, and discover local places to play in the water! Explore your city in all its elements—water aerobicize with strangers, walk the paths of Glen Canyon, and bike through Golden Gate Park! We will explore the theme of water as we visit the ocean, lakes and pools in and around your city. We will swim at least twice a week (whether you are an advanced swimmer or just learning!). Join Ms. DiGiulio and Ms. Delgado (D squared!) for Earth, Wind and Water (aka the best intersession).


Salsoccer - Ms. Swartzendruber, Ms. Feliciano

21202: Biking Intersession - Mr. Amsler, Ms. Pena-Govea, Ms. Erin S., and Mr. Trueman

Join the only intersession where you can wear heels and stay fit.  You'll ride up Twin Peaks and down to the ocean, over to the movies and past the airport, and even across the Golden Gate Bridge to our ultimate overnight car-free camping adventure, this year on Angel Island. By the end, you'll have strong legs and lungs, and you'll know the freedom of going anywhere in SF on a bike. You don’t need your own bike, but you do have to get a helmet (we can hook you up for cheap).


3 Week outdoor Education

JJSE’s Intersession is comprised of three weeks of experiential learning courses where students learn by doing and actively engage in a variety of real-world experiences that challenge them physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Conducted outside of the four walls of the traditional classroom, these intensive courses create an opportunity for students to interact with adults and community members in new ways as they become immersed in unfamiliar environments, attempt new activities, or pursue longstanding passions in a more in-depth way all over the Bay Area.

Students visit locales such as: Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Marin, and Camp Mendocino to:

  • hike
  • bike
  • run
  • dance
  • place soccer
  • yoga

It is during Intersession that students most often learn about their personal limits, their capacity for growth and what they are willing to do to overcome obstacles.

To see a video from JJSE’s biking intersession Experience .