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Habits of Mind

The Habits of Mind are skills and intellectual habits that our students are expected to master by the time they graduate from JJSE. The first letters spell out “PROPEL.”

Perspectives: Does the student demonstrate a strong point of view and awareness of the issue’s complexity?

Relevance (So What?): Does the student effectively demonstrate why this work is important?

Originality: Does the student demonstrate original thinking, individual style, and creative problem solving?

Precision: Does the student use effective conventions in written work? Does the student use effective presentation skills?

Evidence: Does the student demonstrate compelling, strong, and accurate evidence to support his/her findings?

Logical Reasoning: Does the student effectively use evidence to support his/her perspectives in a well-organized, clear, logical and convincing way?

For a one-page summary of the Habits of Mind, click here:

JJSE Habits of Mind