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Complaint Form


At JJSE we believe that mutual accountability is a critical component to making sure we are all working towards achieving our goals as a school for social justice. We also believe that it is necessary to hold each other accountable if we are violating any of our community values of respect, integrity, courage, and humility. Please fill out this form as much as possible if you’d like to file a formal complaint against someone in our community. It can be filled out by and for all JJSE community members including, but not limited to, students, parents, and teachers. Co-Directors will read all complaints and will address the person the complaint is filled against. If you would like to make a complaint about a Co-director but don’t feel comfortable submitting this form to the Co-Directors, you can send your complaint to the JJSE School Site Council Co-Chair, Cat Bautista at: Thank you!
To file a complaint please Click here