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Portfolio (Performance Assessment)

Portfolios are JJSE’s way of holding everyone accountable–making sure that teachers and students alike are working hard and doing our best to prepare for college.

In each class at JJSE, students complete Portfolios, which are major assignments at the core of the subject area:

English: a literary analysis paper about a book
Science: a lab report
History/Social Studies: an original research paper
Math: a math exam (with analysis of mistakes) or math paper

Portfolios are graded on a rubric based on the JJSE Habits of Mind, and Portfolio Work is a large part of a student’s grade in each class. (The other part of the grade is based on daily classwork, homework, a student’s effort, etc.)

At the end of 10th grade, students present their portfolio work to a Move-Up Committee. To move up from 10th grade to 11th grade, students must complete and pass the Move-Up Committee.*

Before graduation, students present their 11th and 12th grade work (called Masterpieces) to a Graduation Committee. They also talk with the committee about their plans for after high school. To graduate, JJSE students must complete and pass the Graduation Committee.*

For the 2010-11 school year, the deadlines and Frequently Asked Questions about the committee process are included below:

10th Grade Portfolio Information Sheet 2010-11

12th Grade Masterpiece Information Sheet 2010-11

*The portfolio and masterpiece process, including the committees, are formal JJSE graduation requirements, based on a resolution passed by the SFUSD school board on June 24, 2008.