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Grading Policy

Below are some JJSE policies which both students and staff should be aware of:


In each class at JJSE, students are graded in two areas, Portfolio Work and Support Work. Usually teachers weigh these grades 50% each, but some teachers use a split of 60% Portfolio Work and 40% Support Work.

Portfolio Work includes major assignments that are used to show how much students are learning. Most Portfolio Work assignments can be used to fulfill the JJSE Portfolio/Masterpiece requirements, but they might also be other major assignments such as tests or projects that are linked to academic standards in a particular class. Scores on Portfolio Work reflect teachers’ honest judgment of students’ skills and knowledge, and they show students’ strengths and areas where they need to improve. Teachers tell students exactly what they are being graded on before they do their Portfolio Work, and whenever possible give them models to follow and opportunities to re-do their work based on feedback.

Support Work includes everything that is not Portfolio Work – in other words, class work, homework, small quizzes, daily class participation, etc. This grade represents a student’s effort, participation, and desire to do well. No matter what a student’s skill level, he or she can succeed on the Support Work grade by working hard.


JJSE teachers do not use the letter grade of D. This is because a D represents student work and/or effort that are far below standard, and colleges do not accept D grades. If a student would have received a D, he or she will instead get an F and be required to re-take the course.


>> No credit for late Support Work
>> Late Portfolio Work is graded down each day as follows. After a week, students must still turn in the Portfolio Work in order to receive a C in the class.
Essay Grade 1 day late 2 days late 3 days late 4 days late 5 days late 6 days late 7 days late
A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C-
A- B+ B B- C+ C C- F+
B+ B B- C+ C C- F+ F
B B- C+ C C- F+ F F
B- C+ C C- F+ F F F
C+ C C- F+ F F F F
C C- F+ F F F F F
C- F+ F F F F F F
Note: Late work for IEP students is handled based on their IEP.
JJSE does not allow independent studies, except in extraordinary circumstances. Exceptions in these cases must be approved by the student’s Advisor, a Co-Director, and a teacher who is willing to facilitate the independent study. Exceptions will only be approved for one of the following reasons:

1) It was JJSE’s fault that the student was not able to take a course (we did not offer it, we did not catch the fact that it had not been taken, schedule does not allow it, etc.).

2) An independent study would represent authentic learning for the student involved (and is more important that the learnings regarding deadlines).

3)  There were valid medical reasons why the student failed the course.

4)  The student is a 12th grader with no room left in his/her schedule (including night school/CCSF/Cyber High options already exhausted).

This policy includes any F on a student’s transcript, including cases where the student attended class and did a lot of work but still failed – all independent study/make-ups of this kind must be approved under this policy.